Reshma’s Key to the Perfect Wedding

guess the reason its taken me so long to blog about this wedding is because its hard to put into words just how magical it was. Reshma Bombaywala is one of the warmest, most beautiful and loving people I know, so its pretty wonderful to see her find a worthy prince charming in the dashing London-based mixologist Dimi Lezinska. (Also, for anyone who’s ever dreamt of a a fairly-tale wedding in Goa – this is how its done!)

Reshma’s Key to the Perfect Wedding

1. A bride that knows her mind… be it about the man she is marrying or the color of the flowers for the table decorations.
2. The perfect brides dress.
3. A guest list not exceeding 100 good friends and family.
The three-day extravaganza was just the right mix of posh and private and it was abundantly evident that the key to pulling of a party like this is keeping it intimate, Reshma even said, “I actually enjoyed my wedding!” which as you know can be rare for hectic brides. Everyone who was there, from Queeni Dhody (who was their initial match-maker) to Ash Chandler &  Junelia Aguiar, Fahad & Simone Samar, Nethra Raghuraman, TC & Natalie, the model brigade Dipannita Sharma, Fleur Xavier, Sampada Inamdar, Candice Pinto, Binal Trivedi, Nina Manuel (who I think is next in line to get hitched!) crooners Anushka Manchanda, Manasi & Craig Scott, Deepak Bedi, restaurateurs A.D. & Sabina Singh, Gaurav Batra, Mamta Sekhri designer Nikasha Tawadey, Leena Ashar & Kishore DF looked absolutely thrilled to be and danced up a storm every night!

 I got there in time for the Barat/Sangeet on Day 2 when Dimi seemed utterly thrilled to arrive on an elephant and his globe-trotting friends equally excited to be a part of such a colorful celebration. (You’ve gotta love Indian weddings right? Who else does it with the kind of reckless abandon* that we do?) As the sun set the dancing went into full swing and all of Reshma’s closest friends performed on a medley of Bollywood tunes in true filmy style. Reshma (who is a pretty wicked dancer herself, danced too (must run in the family if her mom Ruksana & sister Rumana’s skills are anything to go by). Psst! Didjya know her first music video was the song “koi shehri babu”? Foreshadowing me thinks!

 *On a side note we had quite a fun conversation some time ago about a friend of mine who dances with reckless abandon. My very sweet (and somewhat laid back) boyfriend piped up that he wishes there was something he did with reckless abandon too lol. Is there something you do with reckless abandon? I think I fall in love with reckless abandon and I like it that way :)